Thursday, August 06, 2009

Self-Fulfilling Normal Pregnancy

This morning I had an appointment at the hospital for my second trimester screening. This is the last third of the integrated screening (first trimester blood work and ultrasound + second trimester blood work), and at the time that I made today's appointment it seemed quite far away and impossible that it would ever come to pass. I imagined that if the day ever did arrive and, miraculously, I was still pregnant and in need of the test, that I would have become a different person. That I would've passed through some imaginary force field on my way into the second trimester that made me much wiser, more poised, a vision of maternal serenity.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Instead, I lost everything in my stomach three times over before finally breaking free from my house and driving myself to the hospital. Doesn't matter that I was just going for a blood test and wouldn't even get any sort of results today. Like Pavlov's dog my body has learned that hospital trip = good time for intestinal overdrive.

Once in the waiting room, I strategized how I might finagle a heartbeat check. The test is done in the maternal-fetal medicine section of the hospital, not in my regular doctor's office, so I knew it would take some smooth talking. Still, I thought, how could I possible leave the place without reassurance? I resolved to get it.

But a funny thing happened once I got called back and sat down in the chair. As the nurse started chatting with me, her making small talk about lighter traffic and me lamenting that my ID stickers now listed "33" as my age, I felt like a normal patient. Like just another pregnant girl who would come the nurse's way today for a routine test that would probably come out okay. And I realized that I wanted to be her – just another pregnant girl. I didn't want to be the neurotic patient the nurse had this morning who tried to get her to do a test she wasn't scheduled for. I didn't want drama, I wanted normal. And I realized that if I chose normal and calm it just might make me feel...normal and calm.

So, even though the nurse was super friendly and I quickly assessed that I almost certainly could have talked my way into a doppler heartbeat check from her, when the blood was drawn and the band-aid on, I stood up, thanked her, walked out of the hospital, got into my car and went on with my day.

It felt good.


Michelle said...

YAY for being normal!! That must have been such a nice feeling. I hope to feel that some day. I am glad you did!

kirke said...

I'm so happy for you! Normal is a good thing to be :)

Ashley said...

Good for you honey!! I want to be normal also. I want to quit worrying about every little twinge and pain. I want to believe the nurse when she told me over the phone that my backache and my uterus feeling "full" is normal!! I want to quit worrying because we now have to wait so long in between dr's appointments. Of course..if I didn't have the internet and could google every little thing I probably would be normal;) When you find the secret to all this let me know!! I hope you have a wonderful glad all is well!!

Anonymous said...

Yay Egg! I'm so glad you were able to choose normal and calm! That is such progress! Great job!

Anonymous said...

oh boy!! i'm hopeful that i'll feel this one day soon!

you're SO close! :)