Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Shapewear, My New BFF

A long-overdue, chock-full-of-juicy-info update is coming soon. But for today, a timely public service announcement to all you recovering preggers out there who share my horror and dismay at the location of various body parts following the removal of a human being from your abdomen:

SPANX on Rue LaLa today.

Email me at goodegghunting@gmail.com if you need an invitation. Off to snatch up some body sucking lycra.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Fast Forward

One year ago on May 2, I walked into the clinic for an egg retrieval, not knowing whether it would lead to a baby or more heartache.

Today, the product of that cycle turned three months old. That cycle changed everything – changed me forever. I look at this baby and still can't wrap my brain around his existence, how all of the shots and scans, the tears, an egg retrieval and transfer, and hope against all odds added up to this real, live baby that smiles back at me.

But he's definitely real. I cleaned up his very real diaper blowout tonight.