Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hope in Bloom

Not to rely too much on a cliche (though infertility will do that, among other things, to a girl), but this time of year is just really good for hope. It's as if the weather – and the world – has warmed and awakened again just in time to wish me well, to offer a pleasant backdrop for the happy ending I might dare to imagine.

All it took to deliver me back to this fantasy (which is clearly delusional; see previous year and a half of hell) was a straightforward, easy surgery last week and a 10-minute consult with my doctor this past Monday, during which she said magic words: because of the minor scarring she found, she doesn't even need to look (through another office hysteroscopy, which I'd assumed was in the cards) again. We can start right away with a new cycle.

And just like that, a clean slate. I can finally move on from my first, doomed pregnancy. There is a whole new opportunity before us, independent of anything that's happened before and yet encouraged by the fact (and, according to my doctor, a lot of scientific data) that my body proved through this pregnancy that it could be a welcoming home for a wandering embryo.

Now, I'm not going all Pollyanna on you (they gave me a hysteroscopy, not a lobotomy). I haven't forgotten the misery of these months, or the fact that loss happens, and happened to us. But I am amazed by the resilience of hope. I am slowly acknowledging that maybe I won't need to mourn this pregnancy for the rest of my life. A new pregnancy – one that leads with certainty to a healthy baby – could wipe it away. Based on the IVF schedule we mapped out the other day (carefully crafted to avoid major upcoming work events), that could happen at the beginning of May – which, as birds begin to chirp and buds break ground, feels like it's just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing news. I am so glad that things are in the clear and that you have the go ahead. And hey, yes, our miscarriages are special to us and they will always hold a special place in our hearts, but no point in dwelling in the past when there is so much hope lying in front of us. And absolutely yes, there is no more hope that something can bring than a new schedule for a whole new beginning!! Here's to new beginnings!! :)

Anonymous said...

what great news! getting started again really helped me pull myself out of my m/c induced depression/angst. it truly is amazing how resliant we can be throughout all this heartache.

here's to only happiness and success from now on!!

Amanda said...

I've felt a little of the hope coming up with the daffodils too, but it still freezes around here at night and it's a little hard to shake lately. But you're right, that hope stuff is resilient!

I'm glad to hear the scarring was 'minor' and you can get going right away.

Anonymous said...

Egg, it is so good to hear you sound so positive. That is all fantastic news. I will have everything crossed that your welcoming womb meets up with a healthy embryo in just a few weeks!

JamieD said...

What good news - I am so happy for you.

After all you have been through, a clean slate, a fresh start, must be music to your ears and your heart.

You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Egg, I'm so glad that the surgery went well and that you can start treatments again. Spring really does wonders for the soul, and I am so glad to feel that hope coming from you. It has been a real bitch of a winter and I am glad to see it go.