Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Secret Life of an Egg

What do you suppose eggs do between trigger and release? Do you think they put on their finest suits and dresses to get ready for the big show (I think mine go for Armani -- classic, sophisticated, not too trendy)? Do they have one last champagne fete to celebrate their imminent release? Break out maps and compasses and plot their journey from ovary to fallopian tube? Read advice books on the best way to attract a sperm?

I hope mine are doing all of the above. I hope they are type A, overachieving eggs -- the kind that go to class early and always do the extra credit question. I hope that, whatever they are doing right now, they are the kind that get me a baby.


kirke said...

I think your eggs are laying all the traps to draw in the unsuspecting spermies. Hopefully they are also practicing hair tossing and spritzing perfume.

Fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I hope they are eggs that annoy everyone else in the class by always knowing the answer and having their hands in the air. And I hope the sperm are very turned on by nerdy gals!