Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome to My World

Ooh, was that a twitch in my uterus? I think I just felt my right boob tingle, too. Let me go read what has to say about it. Let's see...okay, so it sounds like if you have any of the following you might be pregnant: afternoon fatigue, morning sluggishness. Pain or cramping anywhere down there. An intense crying jag upon watching a sad movie. A canker sore. Dizziness. Irritability. Hunger. Anything weird happening to your boobs. A stuffy nose. A runny nose. A general feeling of restlessness. Having to pee a lot/badly. A good vibe. A bad vibe. A headache. Anything at all that you happen to notice about your body or the way it functions.

Hmmmm. That was helpful.

The feeling is gone anyway. There's no way I'm pregnant. I am a miserable failure at all things reproduction. I am going to become one of those old ladies who collects cats/old newspaper clippings/knit doilies because she has no children or grandchildren to keep her busy. What a sad, sad existence. I can't believe this is happening to me.

Wait a minute, was that a wave of nausea? I know it's early for that, but let me go see how many people felt it at 6dpIUI.

How, my friends, am I going to survive another 10 days of this?


kirke said...

Oooh, good look with the two-week wait! I hope it doesn't drive you crazy.

Michelle said...

I hate the 2WW. What torture. Sending you lots of baby dust! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If I had a dollar for every minute I have spent reading (and re-reading) the entries on that site, I would be a very rich woman. Hang in there-- you're halfway done by now!

Lisafer said...

It's not too early - at 6 days after the only IUI that worked for me, my chest hurt so much I thought I would have to find some horse tranquilizers. I happened to have an appt with my PCP, and she said there was no way I'd have pregnancy symptoms that soon...uh, yeah, she was wrong. Sooo, you never know. No matter what, every twinge will send you wondering if it's worth it to waste $4 peeing on a whatever it takes to get you through The Wait!! Good luck and I hope the symptoms are all real!!!

Anonymous said...

I SO know how you are feeling right now. I have no assvice to offer (except that moving house is a great distraction but probably not so good on the try-not-to-get-stressed side of things).

Good luck! I hope the wait flies by.