Saturday, January 09, 2010

To Highlight or Not to Highlight?

Okay, blogger friends: tell me what you would do. I got permission from my doctor to let my husband drive me to the salon and sit there for services. So I made an appointment for next Wednesday, for a cut and long-awaited highlights (I'd planned to go the Saturday after "the incident" and bed rest orders, which obviously didn't happen). I've gotten numerous reassurances from my OB, close (smart) friends and even my RE way back when that it is safe (the baby is fully formed now and it's only highlights which don't even touch your scalp, etc.), they did it, etc. So there's no real reason not to do it. But despite these reassurances, I am still thinking about it, going back and forth with this persistent devil-angel argument in my head. I know it's silly, but here it is.

On the one hand, I hate my hair dark and don't even recognize myself in the mirror right now. Though it may sound ridiculous, these highlights would go a long way toward lifting my spirits. I've felt pretty unattractive these past months and this would help a lot. And you know what? I've worked really hard for this baby and don't want to look (and thus, feel) dowdy when I meet him and have photos taken with him.

On the other hand, I've worked really hard for this baby and don't want to do anything that might hurt him. Despite the opinion of my OB (and I think most OBs) – and even ACOG for Pete's sake – that it's fine, I can't get it out of my head that Something Bad could happen. And then I wonder, is it really worth it? It's just a few more weeks and then eventually I can get out and go to the salon. It seems petty to even think of doing it then.

But then again: I've spent this whole pregnancy worrying (one everyone might say obsessing) to the extreme, feeling like something I do might take it all away. It's mainly the legacy of infertility, I know, but I've wasted a lot of time on it when I know in my heart of hearts that so little of pregnancy is actually in your control. Part of me just doesn't want to look back on the photos and say there's one more instance of my fear overcoming my rational mind, medical science and the drive to make myself happy too.

So tell me, dear readers, what did/would you do?


Anonymous said...

Get the highlights. If it doesn't touch your scalp, then it can't be absorbed into your body, yes? Lift your spirits and trust your doctor. (And look like a knockout in all those new baby pictures!)

anofferingoflove said...

Get the highlights.

I TOTALLY get the fear/overly cautious/worry/IF thing. Totally. (I'm still fighting that demon). All we can do to overcome it though is to outwardly act like one of those uber-fertile, carefree women and hope it starts to stick and feel comfortable. Go pamper yourself and feel good - you deserve it!

missing_one said...

I just got mine highlighted last week (and had a pedicure). At this point, the baby is fully formed, so I waited until now to do it. All the research I've done online says it is perfectly safe.
Besides, trust me, once baby gets here, you won't be getting your hair done for awhile.
I had highlights done a couple of times with my son and he turned out fine. I can't recall if I did it last time with my daughter.
But yah, the baby is cooked at this point, ya know?

Frenchie said...

Get the highlights. Treat yourself. Lift those spirits. Trust me, you won't have time (or energy) for a while after the baby comes. Just don't sit in a room that's really "fume-y" for too will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Get the highlights. I just looked through my calendar, and I got highlights three times this pregnancy. I avoided it during the first trimester, and I tried to space it out so I would do it the fewest times possible. I scheduled my last one about 3 weeks from my due date, hoping that I didn't go into labor really early.

I also go to an aveda salon with the thinking that "natural" products might be better, but I don't know, that might be false thinking.
I really think it's fine, and you deserve to pamper yourself a bit.

bunny said...

hello! thank you so much for checking in and your nice note the other day. i too have been thinking of you and pleased that you are getting so close to the big day. what a wonderful journey you are about to embark upon as a mother! wishing you lots of blessings soon. xo bunny

ps. the picture you posted a few weeks ago is stunning!!

JamieD said...

Go with the highlights. I think I was about four weeks away from delivery when I had mine done. Once the kiddo gets here, it will be a while before you think about your hair again.

Pamper yourself! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

At this point, you could drink a beer and not hurt the baby (Someone might tackle you, but most OB's will agree, taht you could), so why not get highlights? They don't touch the scalp, and in a few weeks you probably WON'T be able to get out and do thing, or at least things like this. Go for it!

Amanda said...

Yeah, get the highlights! You will look fabulous holding your newborn!

Michelle said...

I agree with everyone else. Get the highlights! Do something for yourself! It will be fine. You deserve it!

Expectant Duck said...

everyone seems pro highlights but i totally get why you are hesitant (and I totally stopped dying my hair all together several years ago in the midst of infertility) i read somewhere about endo and toxins.
This is not to scare you, I think the highlights are a great idea, but, I know that I wouldn't do it, I just would be way way too paranoid :)

histmedphd said...

Get the highlights and drink a sangria. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I got my hair highlighted right around week 39...and the next morning I went into labor. So I went into labor and delivery with AWESOME salon-did hair. People who saw my hospital pictures kept saying, "I can't believe you look that good after going through labor!"

Our first day home from the hospital, I felt more like my old self. I was still in (smaller) maternity clothes, but the hair and makeup sealed the deal. I have our first family picture--we just walked in the door from the hospital--framed in my daughter's bedroom. I think I look really good in that picture!

So my vote is--GO FOR IT! Once your home from the hospital, your going to be in no-sleep baby mode and won't know when to squeeze in a hair appointment! Do it now, hon!