Thursday, November 06, 2008

Numbers Game

Egg retrieval: 2:15 p.m. today

Level of anxiety: astronomical

# of follicles (estimated): 18-20

# of irritable people in my house doing the IM trigger shot at 2:15 a.m. yesterday: 2

# of expletives flying around during the process: 15

# of asses in pain as a result: 1

# of times I screamed into my pillow after the phone call in which my mother said, "I didn't realize it [infertility] affected so many things" in reference to my decision to leave candy on the porch rather than answering the door for trick-or-treaters: 10

# of ACLs torn by my husband playing soccer last week, in case I didn't have enough to worry about: 1

# of weeks until his surgery: 4-5

# of times I've thought of calling off the egg retrieval due to severe anxiety over anesthesia: 200

# of times I've realized that is not an option: 200

# of hours I need to go without food before the retrieval: 14

# of fattening, indulgent foods I will eat as reward for making it through: 5-10

# of times I've felt immensely grateful for all of the supportive calls, emails and comments from good friends and fellow bloggers: countless


GreenEggsNHam said...

Good luck today! I'll be thinking of you.

histmedphd said...

Only good thoughts today my dear!

Turia said...

Good luck Egg! BIG hugs!

kirke said...

Lots of luck!! Be gentle to yourself when you get done. Lots of good, fatty food and guilty pleasure tv.

Michelle said...

Sending you all my good thoughts!

Heather said...

Hope all went well. Can't wait for an update! I just had my embryo transfer today. They transferred 3 and they all looked great unlike last time during the summer. My fingers are crossed for you!!!

eggdance said...

You are my IVF hero!! I hope you ate many fattening foods and watched a lot of bad television!!

PJ said...

A list is such a great format for a blog post! I'm lovin' this!

I came over from Lost and Found to wish you good luck, and goodness, and everything good!

18-20 EGGS! I'm so jealous.

The anesthesia is a wonderful, glorious thing! It's getting the IV in that can be tricky. I've found not looking at it very helpful.

I hope it goes much smoother than the past 24 or so hours.